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Editorial Services

Our copy editing and Indexing services give new life to your copy as all sorts of errors are removed and the copy is made more presentable. Established writers rely on copy editors to help them revise their copies.

Copy editing services revolve around five C's. our professional editors makes your 'copy' clear, correct, comprehendible, concise and consistent, thereby increasing the quality of the output above customer's expectations. We ensure each and every manuscript has no errors of spelling, terminology, punctuation, grammatical and semantic. Copy writing services include that the writer/customer is guaranteed that the text is in a flow, sensible, accurate and fair which will not give any sort of legal problems to the editor.

We have a team of experienced Science, Math, Engineering and Arts Post-Graduates who are adept in technical, language and subject editing. We provide editorial service in both hard copy and on-line formats. Accent PreMedia has developed its own Word-based copy-editing tool for journals and series book work. The tool carries out various functions: maintenance of metadata for journal articles, pre-formatting, structural coding and validation, consistency checking, style sheet adherence, management of special characters, workflow control, and conversion to SGML/XML for typesetting.

Our editorial staff come from various backgrounds and have several years of experience in editing, accuracy checking, and permissions management. The editorial staff works closely with all other departments to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality. Copyediting ensures proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage while maintaining consistent style and tone, with emphasis on succinct phrasing and language. Our editors follow The Oxford Guide to Style or Chicago Manual of Style, and in-house style guides as requested by the publisher. The Oxford English Dictionary is used as a source of reference, and the stylistic rules contained in the Oxford Guide to Style or the Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors. Copyediting can be done electronically in Microsoft Word or on paper.