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Typesetting Services

Accent PreMedia provides a world-class production services and solutions to the world leading Publishers, Typesetters, Universities, and Consultants. Accent PreMedia is expertise in setting Kindergarten books, Primary/Childrens books, Secondary/High School books, College books, STM Books, STM Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Law books, Medical reference books, Academic and university books, Trade books, and Professional journals.

Based on our experience in working with various publishers and typesetters, we have developed customizable solutions, to cater to varying needs. Our operations and in-house software development team applies this experience and knowledge for the development of tools, technologies and production processes.

Accent PreMedia's production services incorporate the complete range of pre-press services right from copyediting to delivering files to printers. We provide multi-platform (both Mac and PC) pagination process through wide array of softwares like: InDesign (with Math Type and InMath), Quark XPress (with Math Type, XPressMath and AutoPage), 3B2, PageMaker, TeX/LaTeX, Frame Maker, and MS Word. Based on the project requirements, we set the jobs either in ETM / Non-ETM workflow or XML / Non-XML workflow.